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Lost your Locking Wheel Nut Key? Broken the Key? Or never had the Key?

Locking Wheel Nut Remove mobile service vehicles are equipped with specialist locking wheel nut removal tooling to safely remove Locking Wheel Nuts where the original removal device is lost or damaged.

Our specialist process is able to remove Locking Wheel Nuts from any vehicle without damage to the alloy wheels. The equipment we use is the same equipment used by the AA and the RAC.

Locking Wheel Nuts Removed in Merton with fully insured and trained technicians

Rapid Response 24-7

Lost wheel nut key in Merton resolved

It’s great to receive such positive feedback like the one we received from a gentleman in Merton. He had been left stranded close after not having the locking wheel key to change a damaged tyre. “Absolutely wonderful!” was the message our technician received after he had removed the locking wheel nut from the alloy using our specialist equipment. You can be sure that Locking Wheel Nut Remove will resolve all locking wheel nut situations with a dedicated team of technicians who are fully insured to the industry standards.

Taxi driver in Merton needs assistance with locking wheel nut removal

Our call center recently took a call from a taxi driver who had received a puncture whilst driving a customer in Merton. He had hit a pothole and damaged the tyre which needed replacing. Checking in the boot he found he had no locking wheel nut key to change the wheel. Needing to get the customer to their destination he called us immediately because he had heard of our service from another driver. We established the driver’s location, vehicle make and model and dispatched one of our technicians who arrived onsite within 40 minutes. He completed the locking wheel nut removal and changed the wheel. “Professional and reliable service and cheaper and quicker than I expected”. All in a days work for Locking Wheel Nut Remover.

Young man with puncture needs Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Even with best intentions, people can easily make the mistake of losing the locking wheel nut key. Our call centre took a call from a young man who had broken down with a puncture in Merton. “It’s my mums car, I have not long passed my test” she explained to our advisor. We quickly sent one of our technicians to the young man’s location where the locking wheel nut was removed. He later sent us a text “My mum was not best pleased but she’s glad that I was safe and sound. Thanks for everything!”. Our priority at Locking Wheel Nut Remove is your safety, you can be sure we won’t let you down.

Locking Wheel Nut Remove in Merton Oxfordshire are always on standby, fully insured for locking wheel nut removal service, any make, any model, any time.


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