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In 2012, we created the Locking Wheel Nut Remove service because we came to know how hard it is to remove locking wheel nuts yourself. It’s very hard. We bought the tools from the high street and ended up damaging the wheels and couldn’t get the nuts off. So we had been set a challenge, and we always rise to a challenge. We acquired a toolbox full of professional tools that were expensive. These worked much better and made the process easier. Easier was good but we also wanted to damage to our alloy wheels. We set about and designed our own special set of tools so that there would be 100% no damage to the alloy wheels or surrounding areas, taking us 12 months to perfect the design of these tools.

The tools you can get in high street shops are hard to use and made of materials of poor quality so they tend to snap or damage the alloys, making it even harder to get the wheel nut off once the nuts have been stripped by poor quality tools.

Our central HQ is in Market Draton and owing to continual organic expansion we now have wheel tech engineers in almost every county of the UK. Call us no matter where you are we will have someone in or close to your area.

Thanks and be sure to give us a call if you come across a wheel nut problem – we can sort it out.


Locking Wheel Nut Remove

Locking Wheel Nut Remove is a trading style of Craig Brown Wrong Fuel Recovery Ltd



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